Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shatter It All At Once!

Even to say "our true nature" is to miss it totally. That's a shame!
"Light" and "dark" have no intrinsic reality.
Revealing is concealing, concealing reveals It beautifully.
Stick out your tongue, catch a drifting snowflake.
Shudder! The mountains are dense with frost.
The sun's blazing today, big pines shooting into a blue sky.
What's the mirror? Where's the reflection? Shatter it all at once!
There's nothing to ponder. Everything's utterly clear.
It's always completely "just like this."

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Five Satoris

-Satori of realizing that original mind is distinct, separate from all its perceived objects, birthless, deathless (this is usually called kensho)

-Satori of finding that phenomena as such are void, beyond intellectual postulation, boundless (this is usually called wu, satori)

-Satori of knowing that mind though mysterious and dark is also luminously brilliant -- everything one sees, hears, tastes &c. appears in and by it, is it (a further kensho beyond the first big satori, also known as jeweled mirror samadhi)

-Satori of suddenly experiencing the Emptiness of both forms and emptiness, the Mind-Seal itself (Kyoge Betsuden, the treasury of light wedded to unfathomable space. Thisness!)

-Satori of dropping any intellectual contrivances or distinctions between original mind and the physical world of stark baseless appearances on naked space ("shedding shed," Daigo, coming back to sit in the dust and ashes)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Six Two Line Hokku

through the white mists
blue sky

pissing at two am
through an erection

bark bark bark
deeper night silence

towels on the upper shelf
her white ass

sweeping snow from the steps
young, eternally young

yang guifei played by a boy
red shining in his dark cheeks