Friday, June 15, 2012

Samadhi of the Indescribable

Satori is essential to Zen but it isn't the essence of Zen. What is?

Resting calmly and aware in the Samadhi of the Inconceivable and Indescribable is the essence of Zen.

In this Samadhi the mind rests in the Mind-Nature, becoming its own pure and infinite circle. Dark Brilliance!

The Light can't be seen -- it's just Lighting that sees.

You cannot say "This is it," or that it comes or goes, or that anything that appears in or by it really is or is not. Who is blind, who is deaf? Who is awake? Who is still asleep?

Stumbling to bed, feeling your way along the wall, the Buddha and Patriarchs blink your wide open but sightless eyes.

Objects don't exist. Beings don't exist. The Infinite takes care of its own Infinity. Sometimes it pretends finitude, to hide its own Lighting beneath a heap of shit.

Laugh and play. Shake the snow out of your hair and we'll build a snow Buddha!

Crows flying,
caw caw caw --
the summer dandelion fluff glitters like confetti

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