Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Great Zen Jailbreak

I will explain Buddhism to you. There IS nothing more than momentary impressions, sensations, feelings, sights, sounds, &c.:

The temple bell's sound
melts away into infinity.
Each time it's struck --
How wonderful to hear
a bell clanging
in the empty freshness
of a clear blue sky!
How fantastic to be so alive --
and so laughably, so awesomely stupid!

Despite all the language and conceptual frenzy that there IS something else over and above THIS, there is not. The cure for getting lost in dreamlike attachments and abstractions is "empty mind" knowing wordlessly that form is empty, the empty is form.

Although the mind seizes on this and that, wants this and doesn't want that, in truth everything has already happened, yet nothing has -- or will ever -- happen.

Happenstance has no enduring stance. It's merely instantaneous.

What's "this"? Is it one, or two? Maybe it's not one or two. Maybe you can't explain it! Here It Is! Appearance happens all at once. It IS the Great Happening. Why divide it up into happenings or appearances?

C'est tout! There's nothing more than this. Nothing IS it. In its great IS-ness it is No-thing and No-being at all. Welcome to the Primordial Open Secret. Welcome to the Great Zen Jailbreak!

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