Monday, August 6, 2012

Direct Entry with a Sharp Chopper

Mu Shin Do Zen is a school for "direct entry [into vivid true Reality] with a sharp chopper."

Zen is the "Mind-Dharma." It is not transmitted from master to student -- how could Great Mind be transmitted? It's the unborn medium of everything already! However, Master and student recognize each other as sharing the same all illuminating Mind-nature. Yowza!

"Outside Mind there are no dharmas."

This is Kyoge Betsuden -- like pure water being poured into pure water. It's what occurred between Gotama and Mahakasyapa when Gotama held up the Flower for the assembly on Eagle Peak. In this instance, the gesture of holding up the flower was the "sharp chopper" that enabled Mahakasyapa to enter suddenly and completely into the formless form of the energetic and always vivid True Reality.

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