Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let Go of My Ego?

O Manjusri, the Ego-illusion is just Mind cast in the mold of "what other people know (or don't know!) that I am." This is, of course, a big mistake.

Why? The truth is that other people don't "know" me at all since knowing is Mind itself. Insofar as they pretend to be "other people" they are their own illusion!

This illusion they "know" only through their own (unrecognized) Mind, which is equally cast in the mold of "what other people know or don't know that I am," and so "they," like "me," perceive everything in a distorted way!

It's a circular delusion, ridiculous from start to finish. Yet everybody suffers from it! Shed this Ego-illusion like a snake shedding its skin.

Enlightenment fixes this cause of stress, giving you sukha, marvelous ease. How? First Mind gets free of Ego-illusion, then it gets free of itself.

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