Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Subject, Present As Absence, Totally Invisible to Itself

"Meta-" physics is inevitable. As soon as there is an object called "physics," there is someone who observes it, experiences, talks about it. One emerges with the other.

Anytime any "object" emerges suddenly there is the subject, present as absence, totally invisible to itself.

This is basically Wei Wu Wei's logical restatement of Zen and Vedanta. The "absent" side (in the objects-Subject division) is the Real.

I could sit down with a stack of paper and endlessly write down names of "objects" but I will never be able to write "the" name of this Subject.

Attention following "objects" and the names of objects never circles back to the absent Real that is the Subject! This is the endless nature of "Samsara."

Yet attention suddenly turned back to focus on the absence that is how the Subject manifests -- as in Dhyana --  instantly realizes It in a startling way beyond objects or names!

After that, what's left? "The January wind playing idly with white clouds!"

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