Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Brightness As Brilliant As Lightning

Student: Why do we not gain virtue by visiting holy places?

Bodhidharma: Through magical powers, evil spirits such as the Demon Kings, Devils, and Asuras, etc., can disguise themselves to appear as Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. They are not Buddhas although they may appear to be. Since Buddha is your mind, do not bow to any aspect representing him.

Realize the mind and awaken it constantly, for if one practices without attaching to the thought of performance, he will immediately enter a realm of Buddha vision.

Even one who has initially awakened the mind, may still not be tranquil and might see supernatural visions in a dream. Even so, he should not chase them or lack confidence in the path.

He should realize that everything was made significant by a mind which is not outside. At that time, when the remaining habitual karmic patterns and potentials have faded away, and the self nature is fully disclosed, you may see a light brighter than sunshine coming toward you.

If you have this kind of experience, it will play an important part in developing awakening. Such experiences are unique to each individual and cannot be eclipsed by another person.

Sometimes when you are walking, stopping, sitting or lying down in the quiet forest, you might perceive a very large or very small silent light. Do not talk about it to anyone and do not attach to it. It might be the light from your self nature.

Sometimes when you are walking, stopping, sitting, or lying down at night, you may perceive a brightness as brilliant as lightning.

Do not be surprised by this for it may be a sign that your self nature is becoming clearer.

Sometimes the moon and stars appear clearly in your dreams. This also may be a sign that your self-mind is liberating from phenomenal objectivity. You should not speak of such things to anyone, as it is only your own experience.

-from Bodhidharma's "Hsieh Mai Lun"

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