Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sudden Awakening

Zen is resolving the great life-and-death matter
to your own complete satisfaction.
Nobody can give this to you with words or teachings.
It has to be realized directly by you right here now.


No phenomenon lasts even so long as an instant. Look into this. See it clearly.
There is nothing to be attached to, as all phenomena are ungraspable (formless, instantaneous).
This dream is like identifying with a shadow. Like investing an echo with illusory form.
A scarecrow stands in a field and crows rawk-rawk at it. A rope gets mistaken for snake after snake.
Cast away all distinctions. Become without thought and without mind.
Phenomena are the hallucinatory offspring of thoughts, and have no more reality than thoughts. Divest yourself of all thoughts, and wake up!

-Lao Hu

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