Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Buddha's Direct Pointing at Awakened Mind Nature

Buddha pointed directly at the splendid, radiant, unconquerable Mind-Nature.
Is that the same as thoughts?
No. It is not. Yet thoughts can also reveal it in glimmers.
The Infinity of Nirvana is yours right now, if you are bold enough to claim it.
How do I claim it, you ask? By breaking through.
Put your sandal on a turtle's back/the essence is clear, like those red flowers./When did you ever not "get it"?
Ummon, on getting asked "What is Buddha," cried, "Dried shit stick."
Who am I? A simpleton who laughs a lot.
Can you grasp empty space? Can you move This?
Muga Mushin -- boiling surf hits the rocks./An osprey stands still in the blinding fog.

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