Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hannya Zen

Through Mind everything is suddenly manifest.

However, life often makes people forget this, and that is how Mugen (夢幻, dream, illusion) occurs and afterward holds sway as a karma of persons.

Due to a special kind of concentration the mind can realize Itself as Mind.

This concentration is attained by exhaustive efforts that involve dropping the mind of illusion that jumps from thing to thing, thereby realizing Itself with the greatest intensity in a single instant and transmitting its essence directly to other minds.

All of this, however, is still within the place of Mugen. Yet from within the place of Mugen, and as the role-playing of karma, it manifests the True Law as a mysterious, abrupt act.

This is the Flower. "Hidden, it is the Flower; once revealed, it is not."

It has to be kept dark (secret), especially from "oneself." Unthought. Simply done, attained, experienced. This is the basis of its manifesting.

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