Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dragon Samadhi on Mount Sumeru

Dragon-samadhi -- highly energetic Ki rises in barely muted splendor within the Lucid Clarity of Muga Mushin (no self, no mind)

The beautiful and awe-inspiring direct realization of impermanence.

"Emptiness" just means impermanence and no-substance. Melt, ice cube -- turn to water. Solidify, water -- turn to ice!

Hot day, crazed blue sky -- a cold and blissful wind blows through the pine trees.

The method of Zen: One turns gently yet decisively from grasping onto perceptions of "beings and things" to simple, wide-awake and vivid absorption in Great Clarity, Great Space.

Do things appear in This? Do beings appear in Being? No doubt. Much is wildly appearing and happening all the Time!

"Life goes up and down, back and forth -- what is it that doesn't move at all?"

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