Monday, April 23, 2012

Mumyo Soku Hossho

True reality is not hidden from you -- where would it hide, that which pervades all space, that which is everywhere and everything?

The bamboo flute coming alive in your hands, with your breath, in a sudden clear tone, a sudden thrill as if it had been possessed by your specific vibration of ki energy, as if this flute had become your true voice, the buddha's voice, the living voices of the dead, a living serpent, and then with that one note and one breath all sense of separate self vanished and you were no other than everything, inter-being, moving yet still, all vast and silent and pervasively clear like uncreated fire, then all night seeing hearing touching tasting smelling everything as the Dharmakaya, thisness, unbroken and not even fused because never having fragmented, so untroubled and complete and eerily clear as total darkness --

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