Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There Is Awareness -- Or Is There?

"There is" Awareness. Can you say there "is" anything else? It's just This. Before thinking breaks It down into beings & things, subjects & objects, "there is" the mysterious, shocking immediacy of sensing, mind-ing, etc.

Zen only points to This Here Now -- not as an objective fact, but as the natural state & Absolute Nature of Awareness. One might say that we humans have created our problems by departing from This Here Now in the quixotic attempt to freeze Experiencing-Awareness-Enjoyment into "permanent, graspable, comprehensible names-forms."

Can you grasp a sound? Or a color? Here's a poem for you:

"Thickly growing bamboo stalks
don't obstruct the rushing stream.
A vast, blue mountain
doesn't hold the drifting clouds."

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