Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The idea that there is even so much as a hair's breadth difference
between the Phenomenal and the Absolute,
or between Samsara and Nirvana,
is a crazy delusion born of blindness.
Fortunately, the blindness is momentary.
Illusions take care of themselves by disappearing.
The disappearing is also illusory,
and this illusory disappearing all by itself disappears.
Finally, even the sense that there ever was illusion disappears,
and this is just the Clear Form of Ultimate Bliss appearing
exactly in the no-place where it has always been.

To say that "you" want to be able to see the Absolute clearly
is like a cataract saying it wants to see forms and colors.
The cataract cannot; only the eye can.
The egotistic sense is just like a cataract,
it causes blurriness, dulling of clear sight.
It isn't the eye, it is just the eye's affliction.
Remove the cataract, and the eye sees clearly.
Shatter "thinking," and the blue sky appears at noon.
Mountains are mountains Water is water.
Avalokitsvera's subtle form pervades all time and space.

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