Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Demons Walking on Lotus Flowers in Space

You've landed on a good site to absorb some of the Non Conceptual Yoga of Intrinsic Awareness that in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and China was and is sometimes called "Zen."

Not to be confused with Zafu-Zombie-ism, Shaven Jugheads, or guys who look like Dr. Phil in black robes uttering supposedly profound truths about Mindfulness. If that's what you're here for, I can't help you!

Many Asian cultures once had a "preverbal" or even "nonverbal" bias about Zen training, as about much else. At those times and in those places, it would have been difficult to get too tangled up in the nets of conceptuality.

But for us the risk is extreme, as we pose every question in conceptual terms -- in terms of a particular idea of "is" or "is not."

This Great Yoga of Zen cannot be "taught" as such, yet you may need someone who has entered deeply into it to help you unveil and explore its true (and maybe even sometimes, from some points of view, terrifying) profundity.

The time to get started is always "Now." For Awareness, this "Now" never changes. Even the past and future are in this "Now" and can only be experienced through the amazing wonder of It.

This "Now" means there is really no beginning at all. By the time you've begun you're already Buddha.

But, warns Huang-Po, "If you cling to so much as a single particle of is or is not, even if you walk on lotus flowers in space your so-called path does not differ from a demon's."

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