Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Manifesting the Mysterious Deep Essence of Mind is Zen

Getting rid of unreal fabrications,
this is the practice --
seeing the essence of mind directly,
this is "realization."
But as Master Dogen said,
practice and realization are really one and the same.

Satori is just the direct seeing of mind-essence, naked.
Seeing also that it is the essence of "phenomena."
This can be shattering, or it can just be glorious.

Once realized, there is no going back to "thoughts,"
but there is still a practice of going deeper.
The practice is the continuation of "realizing,"
and further realizing leads to more practice.

To get rid of fabrications one concentrates the mind.
To concentrate the mind one relies on its essence.
The Bodhi mind starts growing and demands more effort,
the effort leads to clearer realization of Bodhi.

All the Zen masters continued to work on developing realization.
They read sutras and koan collections and wrote commentaries;
they sat in deep meditation both day and night,
following the example of Bodhidharma.
In the end there is no end to "Realization."
The first moment is bound up with the last.
Devoid of unreal thoughts, ordinary mind and Buddha mind are indistinguishable.

Spreading the Light of Zen is always a natural clear thing to do.

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