Monday, April 23, 2012

Naked Sensation Occurring In Bare Space

Touch the back of your head, feeling it with your fingers. Where, now, is your Awareness in relation to your head? To your fingers? To your hair? To your eyelids?

And where is your mind in all this?

Can Awareness really be a sensation of this or that or is it only the spontaneous having of sensations?

Is anything really being "had" by anyone, or is it all just naked sensation occuring in bare space, inexplicably wonderful, like a deep booming bell that contains all notes and all tones and all colors in a single vibration?

I have a humble poem for you:

"Dropping all these stupid labels
that don't stick worth a crap anyway,
Void is suddenly not neither Void nor not-Void.
Wonderful! A demon's hair raising Dharma Realm."

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