Monday, April 23, 2012

Given Infinite Universes

Given infinite universes (waves appearing out of the Void), it is inevitable that your consciousness will reappear an infinite number of times, though each time may feel to you like the unique one and only time. It is also possible that you right now are just the selection of a single life out of infinite possibilities, a collapse of wave-function that produces you along with a whole particularized universe out of pure potentiality. Each person and each universe would be a such a collapse. It's also possible that you are actually living simultaneously in this and all other universes as every possible form of sentient being and in each of these limited forms you assume that you are "separate" and "unique" when you're really nothing but Empty Uncreated Consciousness. It's because you're empty and uncreated that you can take on any form at all throughout infinite time and space universes in all possible dimensions.

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