Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Satori is an experience within Thought-Generated Duality.
Enlightenment is the Heart Essence of Emptiness beyond all Duality.

If you claim to be Enlightened
you are wrong, unless you say everything is,
because you are claiming something objective,
something that exists within time,
something that belongs to delusion.

Attaining no self, no mind -- Muga Mushin.
This is the wisdom of Zen Practice.
Sinking below thoughts into no thought.
Shedding mind to be no-mind.
Becoming no-form, boundless, still.

Wrongly, it has been said
that this means the Ultimate for Zen practice
must be no mind, no thought, no form --
a boundless, still emptiness, total Void.

Not so.

No-thought clears away dualistic thoughts,
allowing True Thought - Manjusri's Blazing Wisdom -- to appear.
No-mind sheds calculating, stupid mind
allowing True Mind -- the Buddha Mind -- to appear.
No form drops away all illusory forms,
allowing True Form -- the Dharma Kaya -- to appear

Zen sheds all grasping,
so the egoistic sheath that says "I"
cannot claim to be Enlightened.

No thoughts, no mind, no form
means all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas appear
all at once, radiantly, throughout infinite space
like flowers raining from a clear blue sky.

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